Reisman Sorokac is a full service business law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. We represent sophisticated local, national and international businesses across a wide range of diverse industries. Our attorneys approach lawyering with passion and a desire to understand and accomplish—through transactions or litigation—what is right and necessary to grow and protect your business.

The Reisman Sorokac Approach

The foundation of our business law approach is to provide every client with creative, but commonsense, legal solutions.  We take time to understand your business and its needs and goals.  We then customize our services to fit your business with one outcome in mind: finding the most efficient, cost-effective solution that makes the most "business sense" for your business.

In order to make the best decision, we always consider the costs and benefits of every issue and potential solution. Our attorneys' sophisticated commercial knowledge and the boutique nature of our firm defines our approach and allows us to provide our clients with the advice and results they need.

Call us at 702-727-6258 to schedule an appointment.  Our business law attorneys are ready to handle your company’s legal problems efficiently and in your company’s best interests.