The government has the power to take private land under eminent domain, but it must pay just compensation to the landowner.  Unfortunately, the government’s notion of just compensation often fails to consider the actual financial impact of the taking to the landowner.  Where the government’s taking is indirect (e.g., a nearby public project impairs access to your land), there may be no compensation offered at all.  In such inverse condemnation cases, the property owner is still entitled to receive payment for the loss, in part or in whole, of the property.  Government tactics in takings cases can be abusive and intimidating to landowners.  Reisman Sorokac’s attorneys know the government’s game plan, however, because they have represented government entities, themselves, in eminent domain proceedings pertaining to major public works projects.   Let Reisman Sorokac put their considerable experience to work for you, negotiating valuation disputes and pursuing litigation, if necessary, to ensure that you receive maximum just compensation.

Reisman Sorokac’s eminent domain and inverse condemnation practice represents property owners—of all sizes and types of property—in the following areas:

  • Complete takings
  • Partial takings
  • Temporary takings
  • Easements
  • Rights of way
  • Air space

Landowners deserve maximum just compensation for their taken property.  Reisman Sorokac knows how to obtain it.