In response to the ruling of the Nevada Supreme Court in Hernandez v. Bennett-Haron, 128 Nev. Adv. Op. 54 (Oct. 25, 2012), the Clark County Commission has established a new procedure for public examination of officer-related shooting deaths.   In Hernandez, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of Reisman Sorokac’s clients, who argued that the former coroner’s inquest process was unconstitutional.  The Hernandez court held that justices of the peace were constitutionally barred from serving as presiding officers in Clark County coroner’s inquests.

The Clark County Commission has now established a new method for examining fatal police officer shootings in Clark County.  The new process, titled a “police fatality review process” by the Commission, responds directly to the Supreme Court’s finding in Hernandez by replacing justices of the peace with “hearing officers.”  Additional details on Clark County’s new process for examining facts surrounding fatal shootings by police officers are available at the links below.