Practice Areas

1. Business Litigation

Reisman Sorokac practices sophisticated, high-stakes litigation in all areas of business, including commercial real estate, construction, franchises, entertainment, intellectual property, securities, taxation, fiduciary relationships, corporate governance, shareholder derivative suits, and professional- licensing-discipline defense. We litigate before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) forums such as private mediations and FINRA, AAA®, JAMS, and other arbitrations. We have the experience to comprehensively manage your case through all phases of litigation: from pre-litigation through trial, writ proceedings, appeals, and judgment-enforcement.

2. Commercial Real Estate

Reisman Sorokac’s expansive commercial real estate practice encompasses all aspects of commercial real estate, including sales and acquisitions, complex transactions, financing/refinancing, easements, covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s), and due diligence matters. The practice covers a wide- range of properties: retail, industrial, office, restaurant, medical, and mixed-use. The leasing portion of our real-estate practice includes representing tenants or landlords in the negotiation of leases from single- to multi-tenant properties, ground leases and lease assignments.

3. Zoning & Land Use

Reisman Sorokac’s diverse real-estate practice also includes zoning and land use matters. We advise and assist on all matters relating to planning and zoning, including initial property zoning and use analysis for development or redevelopment purposes, land use applications, from submittal to final action (such as use permits, waivers of development standards and design reviews), and post-approval guidance (including compliance and required reviews). Our lawyers have developed relationships with the community, local boards, commissions, councils, and their staffs to be highly effective in this area of practice.

4. Governmental Affairs & Lobbying

Reisman Sorokac’s government affairs and lobbying practice complements our zoning, land use, business licensing and compliance practices. Leveraging our relationships with governmental staff and elected officials, we advocate for our clients at the state and local levels, lobbying on regulatory, legislative, zoning, land use, and business issues.

5. Business Licensing & Compliance

Reisman Sorokac offers a wide array of licensure services for your business, including application assistance, guidance on compliance matters and representation before administrative agencies. Our experience in local licensure ranges from simple, general-business licenses, to complex, regulated and privileged licenses (including second-hand sales, liquor and medical marijuana). Our experience in state licensure includes general state business licenses and licenses issued by various state agencies, including professional licensure (such as a contractor’s license), medical facility licenses and licenses issued by the Financial Institutions Division and Division of Mortgage Lending.

6. Business Transactions

Reisman Sorokac provides sophisticated, real-world advice and transactional services in the growth and protection of your business. Our corporate structuring and restructuring services span from the creation of an entity to its dissolution and everything in between. We provide creative, common-sense solutions to accomplish your business-transactional goals, including asset sales and purchases, acquisitions and mergers, private placement offerings, risk analysis, independent contractor and employment agreements, and corporate resolutions and governance.

7. Outside General Counsel

An in-house general counsel is usually employed by a business to handle its legal needs. For businesses that do not yet have a general counsel or that have specialized work or work beyond the capacity of its in-house attorneys, Reisman Sorokac can serve in the role of general counsel. Over the last decade we have often served or functioned as outside-general counsel to meet all of the legal needs of a business or to provide legal counsel with respect to a particular practice area. Our clients have used our outside general counsel services on matters related to commercial real estate, zoning and land use, government affairs and lobbying, licensing and compliance, business transactions, business litigation, vendor contracts, corporate governance and employment advice.

8. Professional Licensing, Compliance, and Discipline

Reisman Sorokac’s professional licensing, compliance and disciplinary practice encompasses licensing applications, compliance guidance and disciplinary investigations and proceedings before Nevada regulatory boards, including the State Bar of Nevada; Nevada Board of Medical Examiners, Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners, Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design, Nevada Real Estate Division, Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, and Nevada Financial Institutions Division. Our attorneys have substantial experience in handling all stages of State Bar of Nevada disciplinary proceedings, from investigations to appeal.